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Are You A Homebuyer?
Research by the National Association of REALTORS® shows that homebuyers choose a real estate agent 12 to 14 days after beginning their home search. During this time while you’re looking at homes online and deciding which agent to choose, you can get my Early Email Alerts of homes coming on the market that meet your criteria. Simply sign up here.

Buying Your Atlanta VIP Property Or Luxury Home
Elegance, style, award-winning architecture, designer-landscaped grounds — Atlanta is known for its magnificent VIP homes. Indoor pools, outdoor kitchens, imported wood, granite counters, marble floors and luxurious media rooms and spas are mainstays of the distinctive lifestyles that come built in. Recording studio? Indoor basketball court? No problem. Custom amenities abound. And should your specific wish not be found, I’ve been known to call homeowners when their home is not even on the market.

My Services As Your Buyer’s Agent Cost You Nothing
Yes, it’s true: agents who represent buyers are paid for their work from a percentage (usually 3%) of the fee paid to the Listing Agent who listed the home. And this entire fee (usually 6%) is paid by the seller. This means you pay nothing. The agent who listed the home works for the seller and has a fiduciary duty to represent the seller’s best interests at all times. Don’t you deserve equal representation by a real estate professional whose fiduciary duty is to you alone?

I Listen To You, The Buyer
The secret to every successful home purchase is communication. And communication becomes critical to success when the financial investment is as large as it is when purchasing an Atlanta luxury home for sale.

My job as your Buyer’s Agent is to listen to you. You’d be surprised at the agents who don’t bother listening to their buyers. Over the years, I’ve honed my listening skills to a high degree. And my clients often tell me I’m a good listener.

Homebuyer Lisa Costa is one of those. Lisa says that, because I listened, she and her husband, Joseph, now have a home that’s more than their wildest dreams. I’ll never forget when they came down from Rhode Island to look at homes. They came with a long list they’d selected online and with only two days to make a choice. During those two days, we toured 23 homes. At the end of the first day, Joseph laughed and said to Lisa, “Well, I guess one of us is going to have to compromise, because there’s no way we’re both going to find what we want in one house.” There was my challenge! But I’ll let Lisa tell you herself. Read Lisa’s success story here.

Read what W.Carter wrote about having me as his Buyer’s Agent. Then give me a call and let’s get acquainted.

Hi, Tonya.

When I contacted you I had heard from a friend that you were very friendly, professional, and a pleasure to work with. What I remember most was how patient you were, and responded in a timely fashion to any questions or requests I had.

I appreciate everything you did. Being honest, explaining the whole process, and making me feel you were always in my corner.

There are two reasons why I chose to work with you. (1) I felt comfortable enough after our first phone conversation and (2) the referral from my loan officer at my bank. I know she works with many agents and for her to refer you was a major factor.

I would say to any potential clients of yours that they are getting an informed, knowledgeable, patient, friendly agent who really does work for them.

Want A Master Negotiator Negotiating Price And Terms For You?
Negotiating is my favorite part of a real estate transaction. Most agents say their favorite is showing property. Not me; I’ve seen many homes. But once we find “the” home, I get excited about negotiating.

Let me reassure you, though. I’m not one of those slick, hard-sell salespeople. My way of selling is just to tell the truth. And I think my clients know that when I tell them something I’m being honest. So the negotiating part of a real estate transaction is my opportunity to play hardball — and it’s the only place in my business I do it.

So, no … the Listing Agent will not tell you, my buyer client, that the seller will only take list price. Everything is negotiable. Of course at the end of the day, I shake hands with the other agent and we are all happy.

When you choose me as your Buyer’s Agent, you get a REALTOR® who not only helps you navigate the entire complex legal transaction but also one who takes her fiduciary duties very seriously. This means that, as your Buyer’s Agent, I always put your best interests above all others, including my own.

And when you’re ready to make an offer, I know how low to advise you to go, because I look at the tax records; I look at how much the seller paid for the property; I look at how long they’ve owned it, and I look at a whole lot more.

From these numbers plus all of the costs, I create a “buyer’s net sheet,” which shows me how low your offer can go without offending the seller. With a motivated seller, you’d be amazed at the value you can get when buying an Atlanta luxury home or VIP property for sale.

This strategy has been very successful for my buyer clients. I’ve never had a deal where my buyer paid list price. I’ve never had a deal where my buyer paid all closing costs. I’ve never had a deal where my buyer didn’t feel like she got a great deal. And then there was the time my buyer wanted all the furniture … and we got it!

How To Shorten Your Home Search Time
Although negotiating is my favorite part of a real estate transaction, I do love to preview homes and spend lots of time doing it. There are many things about a home that aren’t apparent when viewing it online such as its backyard privacy.

So, speak with me directly at 770-369-7653 or email me, and I’ll preview the homes you select to eliminate any that aren’t perfect for your needs. Why waste time and energy touring 30 homes in person when only ten of them meet your needs exactly?